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About Me

I love anything Anime!:)

I mostly like Tezuka and Shotaro's works. My top fave Tezuka Animes are: Black Jack, Astro boy,Princess Knight, and Kimba. The only work I like of Shotaro's is Cyborg 009 so far.

Other favorite manga artists: Mia Ikumi,Kanan,Akira Himekawa,CLAMP,KEI, and Pink Hanamori.

I like playing video games and watching anime! I also like Vocaloid! My top faves are Miku and Luka!

I love music! My most favorite artists are Janne Da Arc, Acid Black Cherry, Ami Suzuki, and globe! ^-^! (I'm mostly into J-Pop and K-Pop. English music is alright, but just not my thing as all. I grew up around international music like Latin, Salsa, and J-Pop.) I'm also into Vocaloid music.

I just love Black Jack of course! I'm also in the middle of making my own Black Jack Doujinshi featuring Pinoko and Black Jack and their relationship. (Not as a couple. Just a father and daughter kind of view.) My style reflects Tezuka's style since I was inspired by retro anime and manga style ever since I got into retro anime back in 2013. No scans have been shared yet of my doujinshi, but I will share a few pages of it on my Deviantart soon. (PM me if you want to know my deviantart. xD)

And In fact, I love Black Jack soo much, that I made a site about it! And that's how this Black Jack fansite came to be. (And it's one of the first. There was one other one, but not much to do on it and was inactive. I'm going to keep mines active for as long as I live!) So I'm marking my fansite #2 on the Black Jack fansites list! ^^! There's not too many fansites out there of Black Jack, so that's why I made one! ^-^!

Gotta love Black Jack! :)

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